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     Like any other industry, the water damage services industry has evolved over the past few years.

    In order to ascertain the damage and the type of repair required, standards have recently been set-up which provide necessary guidelines about what work is specifically required to be done in a particular situation.

    That means having a good disaster recovery service agency to evaluate your situation and diagnose the proper work needed according to the latest guidelines is essential.

    Using an experienced water damage company, like Water Damage Guys, can make all the difference when it comes down to saving time and money.

    An experienced agency like ours can make an already unpleasant experience less painful and frustrating.

    We know that making a decision to choose the right company to work with is important.

    So here are a several factors that differentiate a good agency from others:

    Pre-requisites on Choosing Water Damage Services


    Make sure they have a trained staff

    They should be using the state of the art technology

    High quality of service is critical.


    However, for someone who has never worked with a company such as ours, we know it's probably difficult to judge a company by these metrics.


    Hence, referrals can go a long way in establishing the trust required to choose a company. We are always hapy to offer references and reviews from someone who has been in a water damage situation before and has been helped by our company.  We know this kind of reference can throw light on the best way to deal with the situation and who you can really trust.

    Certifications Requirement


    Agencies need to be certified by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and follow the standards setup by the EPA when conducting services like mold remediation and other services.

    Certifications from independent bodies like IICRC also go a long way in establishing the credentials of the company/agency.

    A good water damage company will certify the facility after mold remediation so that the certificate can be used when selling off that property.

    This will ensure that the facility will not lose value because of a prior water damage incident.

    Also, the owners will have added piece of mind that the home or facility is safe for living or working.

    Why Choose Water Damage Guys?

    Apart from having a 24-hour helpline, our agency is willing to provide water damage services all through the year.

    We are willing and have the capability to help out in the process of filing for claims with your insurance company.

    We also carry Liability insurance which is very important. If there was an incorrect remediation, our insurer will be able to compensate you for the damages. Whoever you choose to work with, it might be a good idea to do a check with the agency about their record.

    Periodic Inspection

    We recommend to hiring our company to come by and inspect your home or facility a couple of times a year for water damage.

    After a water damage remediation service has been completed, our team can inspect your home or facility after a few months to re-confirm that there are no residues and the facility is in fact safe.


    Choosing the right service is crucial as you will be spending time and hard earned money and also entrusting your home or office to them for restoration.


    Choosing Water Damage Guys for your water damage and restoration project is the right choice.


    Our experience and commitment to professionalism is unmatched in the industry. We can make the entire disaster recovery experience a lot less painful with our detail and caring team of experts.

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