• Mold Inspection, Testing and Removal

  • Every home or business can be infested by different types of molds as long as there is a water source on  premises.

    Mold thrives in moisture and can be found in situations such as a leak in the roof or crack in the walls or perhaps a broken bathroom pipe.

    Mold can pose a great danger to both the human life and the property or building itself.

    Mold spreads faster if immediate attention is not taken and may produce allergens that cause severe health problems if not eliminated in time. 


    There are specialized mold testing, removal and remediation procedures we implement to help get rid of molds within a short time.

    It is important to understand the following facts about mold:

    - Molds are found in nearly everywhere, indoors and outdoors.

    - They thrive on moist surfaces and can grow into colonies when exposed to water.

    - Mold can adversely affect your family’s health and compromise the physical structure of your home.

    - Even under higher-than-normal indoor humidity, molds can grow substantially.

    - Mold spores are microscopic and float in the hair. They can enter your house through any means, either through the window, doors, through pets or any other media.

    - Molds grow on walls and under the floor and therefore cannot be visible and only a professional can help you detect it.

    - Before embarking on mold remediation, address any water leak or source of moisture for effective mold removal.


    Why Choose WDG (Water Damage Guys)?


    Mold remediation is a complex and technical process requiring highly specialized skill and training in order to fully execute the service.

    At WDG, we ensure we have the best trained and skilled personnel to handle any type of mold remediation and ensure sanity prevails in your home.


    WDG mold mitigation services include:

    - Mold testing and identification to ascertain the presence of mold and access the extent of growth.

    - We undertake initial air quality testing to find out if molds have the ability to thrive, and also get to know if the moisture present is able to support the growth of molds.

    - With our specialized services, we undertake a cross-contamination prevention to ensure molds cannot cause any health risk to any member of your family or even to pets and domestic animals.

    - Keeping in mind that HVAC may prevent mold growth and at the same time bring molds to the house, we ensure proper cleaning and maintenance of HVAC to prevent mold growth.

    - After undertaking mold testing and ascertaining the extent of growth, we embark on mold removal. We use specialized, effective and safe techniques in accordance with standard safety measures to remove and get rid of molds.

    - After mold removal, we undertake a mold cleanup service to ensure safe disposal and also undertake a cleanup in the house or commercial facility to make it conducive, clean and mold free.

    - We then undertake structural drying and dehumidification in order to prevent future infestation.

    - It is possible that after removal, there might be traces of molds left behind. We correct this by undertaking a final clearance testing to find out if some traces are still found and get rid of them completely.

    - We finally undertake reconstruction in places affected by molds to ensure your home regains its former glory.


    It is important to keep your home free from any moisture, leaking roof or taps.

    Act swiftly on any suspicion of mold growth to avoid adverse damage.

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