• Fire Damage Restoration

  • Fire damage restoration is a scientific process aimed at removing all the traces of fire damage from a home property or work facility.

    Professional fire damage restoration services, such as ours. use scientific techniques to mitigate damage on household/office items, metals, fixtures, upholstery, and other "stuff". 

    When called in for a fire damage project, we implement the following steps every time when involved in fire damage restoration services:


    An affected property or building is first closely inspected to determine the level of damage done to your premises.

    Then, a temporary roof or wall is installed in the structure so as to prevent further damage.

    Once the property/ building is secure, we begin the process of minimizing damage from water and soot.

    Removal of household/ facility content

    Those contents that are completely damaged or nearly impossible to restore to the pre-loss condition are removed carefully.

    Then, unaffected "stuff" such as jewelry, art, documents, furniture, metal products are dried, cleaned and deodorized to restore them effectively.

    Moving or restoring of household items is done carefully.

    Removal of moisture

    After constant exposure to water, the home or building tends to becomes moist; this can lead to dangerous mold growth and foul odor.

    To prevent this situation, the structure is dried using a combination of air movers, and dehumidifiers. 

    Overall Evaluation


    The evaluation of the area is the first step in the process of cleaning up the area.

    The initial assessment for the fire damage restoration project is important because it will help to assess the total damage that has been done.

    It will also help you the owner better understand the methods that need to be used for clean up.

    As part of the actual fire damage repair, our assessor will also look at methods of smoke damage restoration.

    It is important that the services of a professional, such as ours, are used in the process of fire damage restoration.

    Our professionals will be able to do a much better job than amateurs or companies who may have little to no experience in the field.

    There are some major advantages that you have in appointing a professional company, like ours, to your project.

    A "professional" is usually from a licensed company, and this is required by law when fire damage areas are being checked.

    This is because the licensed company follows the appropriate guidelines and will be much more safe and secure when performing the overall inspection.


    What Does our Basic Fire Damage Repair Service Include?

    Fire damage repair services include:

    • Cleaning of all the mess and also making sure that there are no risks for the people who will be staying in the same home.
    • The most important factor that needs to be done as part of the fire damage removal is that the burnt matter that is present should be removed completely. This could otherwise become hazardous for the residents.
    • Once the burnt and partially burnt things are removed, it is safer for the people who are moving about in the area.
    • Additional construction work can be discussed at the time of inspection and overall assessment of the damage.

    Benefits Of Using Restoration Services

    * The first and foremost reason to use services of restoration companies is safety from future risks. The buildings rebuilt by restoration companies are very much stronger with little impact of the disaster. So, you don't have to hire restoration contractors again and again as your building will be safe from the dangerous impact of a disaster.

    * By using services of restoration companies, you can rebuild your building and that too with a low budget. You don't have to suffer another major loss as these restoration companies promise to rebuild your building with extremely low budget but of high quality.

    * Staff recruited by these restoration companies have years of experience which can be useful to rebuild your building, no matter what is the current condition of your building. This experience counts when your building is extremely or completely damaged.

    * Equipment used by these restoration companies are of latest technology and very useful in repairing.


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